Parable E1


Saturday 27th January 2024
22:00 -06:00
AGES 18+

Parable and E1 are incredibly excited to unite in London for one of the grandest openings of 2024, showcasing the most innovative talents in the melodic and progressive soundscape.

This event boasts an exceptional lineup, featuring world-class artists across the board. Headlining the event, we're honoured to welcome the one and only Guy J to the capital, alongside Dosem! Get ready for an extraordinary sonic experience and an exceptional lineup, complemented by bespoke production and a custom light show. Prepare to be mesmerized by the stunning combination of sonic and visual artistry!

In addition to Guy J, Dosem, we're delighted to extend a warm invitation to Asch Pintura, Carina Lawrence, Tris Levitate, and Melodic Diggers with their Equanimity concept, featuring talents like Yet More, Just Lauren, Sahar, and Gus Emmett!

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