Anthony Middleton (Audiofly), Unders E1

Anthony Middleton (Audiofly), Unders

Friday 14th June 2024
23:00 -06:00
Tech House
Melodic House
AGES 18+

Anthony Middleton, co-creator of Audiofly, redefines electronic music with innovative soundscapes, pushing global boundaries. A classically trained musician, Middleton's early fascination with techno evolved into a lifelong commitment. Despite a health setback, he honed his production skills and, in 2002, formed Audiofly with Luca Saporito, pioneering a new chapter in the electronic music landscape.

Unders brings a unique blend of original house music to the global dance scene, evoking love, plum schnapps, geometric clouds, and dreams. His emotive track 'Syria' propelled him onto the global stage, with performances at renowned venues like Burning Man's Robot Heart and Fusion Festival. In the studio, he collaborates with top artists and releases on labels like Katermukke and SolSelectas. With an optimistic outlook, Unders continues to enchant audiences worldwide, embodying the essence of modern musical renegade.

Lele Sacchi is a renowned Italian DJ and producer, celebrated for his dynamic presence in the electronic music scene. With a career spanning over two decades, he has become a staple in Italy's club culture, known for his eclectic sets that blend house, techno, and disco. Lele has played at major clubs and festivals worldwide and hosts a popular radio show, further solidifying his influence in the industry. As a founder of the record label Music Priority and an event organizer, he continues to shape and innovate within the electronic music landscape.

Mehdi Remadi, a London and Paris-based DJ, blends progressive, deep, and melodic house with influences from rock, jazz, classical, and oriental music. His sets transcend boundaries, delivering diverse musical experiences. He's performed at prestigious venues like Loft Studios and Badaboom, as well as events by Do Not Sit On The Furniture and Flying Circus.

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