Boston 168, Raven E1

Boston 168, Raven

Saturday 27th July 2024
23:00 -06:00
AGES 18+

Boston 168, an Italian duo, focuses on psychedelic, acid, and techno vibes, drawing inspiration from the transformation of industrial settings into rave venues. Comprising Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca, they experiment with analog sound crafting, redefining Acid Techno. Co-founding Old and Young label, their live sets transport audiences on techno voyages, blending traditional machine acoustics with cosmic warmth. Their work has gained international acclaim, with releases on labels like Enemy and Involve, and remix requests from artists like Anfisa Letyago and Sam Paganini in 2022.

Raven, based in Berlin, is a versatile artist known for her DJing, producing, vocals, and deep passion for techno. Her EPs "Flames" and "Mania" on Rekids showcase her hypnotic vocals and driving beats. Featured on Amelie Lens' compilations, Raven's dark, hard-hitting sets have earned her spots at EXHALE and prestigious events like Awakenings. Influenced by a wide range of styles, from acid to trance, Raven blurs genre boundaries with her renegade fusion, captivating audiences worldwide. Beyond music, she's a scene-builder, nurturing underground communities globally, and her upcoming releases promise to push creative boundaries even further.

Closing the bill our favourite Antonio De Angelis!

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