Saturday 14th September 2024
23:00 -06:00
Hard Techno
AGES 18+

Join us for an electrifying night as HEX celebrates a decade of groundbreaking music and unforgettable moments . This monumental event marks 10 years of HEX, renowned for its cutting-edge electronic music, immersive experiences, and vibrant community of Techno enthusiasts.

Lorenzo Raganzini, co-founder of the HEX Techno movement, is known for pioneering the TechnoMetal genre. Inspired by the raw intensity of Metal, he has created a unique sound that is heavy, not just fast. Lorenzo's performances offer epic, apocalyptic experiences, pushing the boundaries of hard techno. His music resonates with those seeking a relentless and transformative journey, embodying creativity and authenticity in the evolving TechnoMetal movement.

Paolo Ferrara is a TechnoMetal artist and co-founder of the HEX movement. Known for his high-voltage, dense sets mixed with epic emotional moments, he views music as an unlimited form of art. Ferrara continuously innovates by blending genres, creating timeless pieces of art in his tracks.

Flymeon is a Techno Rockstar known for his transgressive style and unique sound blending hard-hitting beats, screaming guitars, and staggering synths. With his EP ‘Paris Under Control’ in 2023, he introduces a masked persona reflecting his unrestrained inner-self, emphasizing societal masks that obscure true identity. His aggressive Rave music and energetic live performances showcase Flymeon as a true Techno Rockstar, having graced stages from Berlin to Lithuania and beyond.

AVCI is a hard/industrial techno DJ and producer renowned for his emotional storytelling and nervous atmospheres. He has released albums on HEX, MASS LONDON, Trau-ma, Vast Perception, Jeton, and PEAK 34, which he co-founded in 2021. AVCI has performed at PEAK 34 Showcases across Turkey, sharing stages with acclaimed artists like SNTS, I Hate Models, DAX J, and more. His productions and DJ sets stand out for their high tempos, unique low frequency use, and dark atmospheres, showcasing his love for high-energy techno and impactful compositions.

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