Gryffin (London Debut) E1

Gryffin (London Debut)

Thursday 14th November 2024
17:00 -21:00
Minimal House
AGES 18+

Gryffin, the acclaimed electronic music sensation, is poised to deliver an unforgettable debut performance at E1 on November 14th. Known for his dynamic blend of melodic house, indie pop, and future bass, Gryffin promises an electrifying evening that will captivate audiences and redefine live electronic music experiences.

Having amassed millions of streams with hits like "Feel Good," "Tie Me Down," and "Remember," Gryffin has carved a unique niche in the global music scene. His innovative soundscapes and infectious beats have garnered widespread acclaim, making him a must-see act for fans of electronic dance music.

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